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About Us: The Inspiring Journey of Triple J Pickleball

In a world where sports and faith often intersect, one company's journey stands out as a shining example of how a simple game can be a powerful tool for community-building and sharing one's faith. Meet Luis Garcia, a visionary entrepreneur who founded Triple J Pickleball, a company firmly rooted in the Christian faith. Through affordable paddles and a passion for both the sport and spreading the gospel, Luis has brought people together in ways that extend beyond the court.

The name Triple J Pickleball was inspired from Luis' three sons; Joshua, Joseph, and Josiah.

The incorporation of fish hooks into the logo serves as a powerful symbol of the biblical reference to "fishing for men," as spoken by Jesus Christ. It signifies the company's mission to draw people closer through the sport of Pickleball, just as a fish is drawn to the baited hook.

The word "Pickleball" itself is cleverly designed to appear as if it's hooked onto the fish hooks. This symbolism conveys the idea that Pickleball is the bait used to attract individuals, like fish to a hook, creating a connection between the sport and the broader message of faith and community. The logo serves as a visual representation of how Triple J Pickleball aims to bring people together through their shared love for the game and, in doing so, create opportunities for deeper conversations and spiritual connections.

Pickleball: A Unifying Force for Community and Faith

Our decision to use Pickleball as a platform for evangelism may seem unconventional, but the reasoning is profound. Pickleball, a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has gained popularity due to its accessibility and ease of play for people of all ages. It's precisely these qualities that make it an ideal tool for building community and fostering connections.

By creating a space for people to come together, play, and interact, Pickleball creates a natural environment for relationships to develop. Luis recognized that by nurturing a community centered around this sport, he could provide a welcoming atmosphere where individuals from various backgrounds could bond over a shared interest. This sense of camaraderie then becomes a conduit for introducing spiritual conversations and sharing the message of faith.

Affordable Paddles and Kingdom Values

One of the most remarkable aspects of Triple J Pickleball is the deliberate choice to sell affordable paddles, despite the potential to charge higher prices. This decision is driven by Luis's commitment to living out his Christian values and making a positive impact on both the sport and the lives of those who play it.

Triple J Pickleball understands that making Pickleball accessible to a wider range of people aligns with the vision of building an inclusive community. By offering affordable equipment, we remove financial barriers that might otherwise prevent individuals from participating in the sport. This approach reflects the heart of the gospel message – reaching out to all, regardless of their circumstances.

Why Pickleball? Why Affordable Paddles?

The decision to use Pickleball as a tool for evangelism and to provide affordable paddles can be understood through the lens of Triple J Pickleball's overarching mission. Pickleball's blend of competition and camaraderie creates an environment where meaningful conversations can flourish. When people connect on the court, they're more likely to connect off the court as well, allowing for natural opportunities to discuss faith and share personal stories.

Offering affordable paddles not only opens the door for more people to engage in the sport but also reflects our desire to make a lasting impact. Instead of focusing solely on profit margins, Triple J Pickleball prioritizes the transformative power of building relationships and sharing the message of Christ's love.


Luis Garcia's journey in founding a Triple J Pickleball is a testament to the potential of combining passion, purpose, and faith. Through the unifying force of Pickleball, Luis has created a community where people of all walks of life come together, forging connections that extend beyond the court. By providing affordable paddles, he embodies the principles of inclusivity and generosity, making it clear that his mission is about more than just business. It's about creating a space where the love of Christ is shared, one game of Pickleball at a time.

You can find Luis in the Atlanta area with his wife Marcia and three sons, Joshua, Joseph, and Josiah. 

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